Texting and Driving

Discouraging Distracted Driving?

Roof Coverage 101

What's Covered; What's Not

Not Living in Your House?

You have some special rules to follow

Homeowner Don't Do's

Avoid the School of Hard Knocks!

When The Most Points Makes You Lose

Points on Your License Make Your Rates Go Up

Procrastination Pitfalls

Review Those Policies...When You Get Around to It

Mistakes to Avoid

Auto Insurance 101 (for Winners)

Peer to Peer Car Sharing?

Just trying to make a few extra bucks?

Vehicle Accessories

Are Your Fancy Additions Covered?

Hurricane Coming?

How Insurance Companies Prepare

Renting a Car for the Holiday?

Practical Tips for Avoiding Hassles

YOUR Driving History 101

You can't hide it.

Roadside Assistance Alternative

Your Cell Phone is Good for More Than Angry Birds!

Annual Reviews

Your life changes over time. So should your insurance!

That House You Love has a History

Previous Claims by the Previous Owner can Affect YOUR Rates!

Why do Rates Go Up?

Here's a Big Reason!

Rental Car Reimbursement

How Does it Work?

A State Minimum Horror Story

And it isn't even Halloween!

Are You Ready for an Earthquake?

Check out this Earth-Shaking Information!

The Hidden Cost of Cutting Corners

How much is NOT enough?